Journal of Experimental Food Science & Nutrition

Journal of experimental food science & nutrition is an open access journal, Food and Dairy Technology is emphasizing on various food processing and dairy technology studies, thereby providing an insight to the current developments in these fields.

We invite researchers, academicians and worldwide scientists to share their research for the global enlightenment and benefit of scientific community on an open access platform.

Where one can find information on the latest scientific research in the form of research articles, review articles, case reports, special issues and short communications. Each submitted manuscript undergoes a standard peer review process before acceptance to attain a high publishing standard.

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Subject Categories Include:
Advanced Food Processing Technologies
Food preservation
Animal & Plant Nutrition
Food pairing
Dates Nutrition
Diabetes Nutrition
Food and Public Health
Food packaging
Food Rheology
Food Processing Technology
Food storage
Food substitution
Food Waste Management
Food-borne Pathogens
IPR in Food Technology
Mass Spectrometry in Food Technology
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Nutrition and Food Sciences
Nutrition Economics
Nutritional Values
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