The Possible Effect of MRET Activated Water on Coronavirus Morphology Using Ultradilute Silver Aquasol: A Review

Senior Academic Dean, Health Optimization Coaching Academy, Radcliff Kentucky

The similarities between the novel COVID 19, SARS and HIV has been noted and the existing knowledge base suggests that effective interventions on other Coronaviruses, such as SARS and HIV, may prove to be a promising solution to this pandemic [1,2]. MRET Activated water has been demonstrated to be a super-hydrating medium capable of interfering and eliminating both SARS and HIV [3-7]. Nano-particulate silver sol has been shown to be extremely effective against all pathogens that it can contact including H5N1, SARS and HIV [8-18]. The combination of these two technologies represents an extremely effective viable protocol to intercede in this pandemic by affecting viral reception and not allowing subsequent viral nucleic acid replication.